Tom Rich is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist & songwriter from Lower Sackville, a suburb of Halifax Nova Scotia. Usually a session player on bass guitar, he is now focusing on his career as  composer and writer.  
With a strong & clear  voice,  Tom wields his bass guitar with fierce precision.  The band consists of Jason Keddy on keys, Adrian Dunn on guitar, and currently they have Dale Wilson on drums. Together, their rhythm is a rock that's heavy on the roll, reminiscent of the early days of pop music paired with Tom's 80's & 90's inspired voice that has been compared to Grapes Of Wrath & R.E.M. When he's not with the band, Tom Rich can be found performing covers & originals solo on his acoustic guitar in pubs and other venues local to his Beaver Bank NS home. 
Tom's 2  independent albums, The Journey (Feb 2014) and American Fantasy (Sept 2015), were tracked in his Trailer Park home in Beaverbank Nova Scotia, with Tom on all instruments and arrangements. American Fantasy was entirely self-produced including the engineering and mixing of the recording.  
He also played and co-wrote in a "side-project" band called The Dang Danglers, a cooperative  with fellow Sackvillian Matthew Pickup & brother Luke; as well as playing bass in Pickup’s own band, and Halifax indie-folk group Dark Lit Sky. He has  done session work with: Christine Campbell Band, Jonathan Roy, Sam Taylor, The Danger Bees, Scott Saccary, Laura Merrimen, and many more.