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Trailer Park Rock: A Free EP to Celebrate The First Tour 

The Tom Rich Band made their maiden voyage across eastern Canada to play the CMW Edition of New Music Tuesday at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern last week. Short on merch ideas and close to crunch-time, Tom opened up his iPhone voice memos of song ideas and finished a handful in time to record an EP's worth in his trailer home, on GarageBand. A last-minute windshield replacement on the van ate up the manufacturing budget, so the EP was posted for free download on with the option to pay more, for those who would like to support the tour. The boys are back in town now and we've decided to leave this EP up a little longer; you can stream it here but it is highly recommended to go to and download the higher quality version. Thanks for your support, we're looking forward to getting out on the road again! And considering the amount of voice memo song ideas on that iPhone playlist, there could quite conceivably be a Trailer Park Rock Part 2...

Free Single Promo 

The new single Baby Said will be released online for sale and streaming on Tuesday, February 20. From now until then, if you join the mailing list here at, you will be sent a link to download your very own digital copy of the song. Thank you for your support!

New Single Coming February 4 

Tom Rich is going to be interviewed on Halifax, Nova Scotia's longtime resident rock n roll radio station, Q104 with Tom Bedell at 9:00PM AST on Sunday February 4. They will chat about what's in store for The Tom Rich Band in 2018 and play a brand new single that will be released for sale and streaming online February 20. The interview will also be streaming live on

New Tom Petty Cover On Youtube 

Listen and watch Tom Rich cover Tom Petty. One of Tom's favourite Tom songs, You Got Lucky from the album Long After Dark (1982).

Video Tribute To Gordon Lightfoot 

Tom Rich stars in his first ever attempt at a self-made video, with a cover of Gordon Lightfoot's song The Summer Side Of Life. Shot by Caitlin Corkum on a Samsung smart phone in Beaver Bank Nova Scotia, it pays tribute to the way Lightfoot's music inspired Tom in his early years of learning the bass guitar. The song was performed and recorded by Tom, as well as the directing and editing of the video. There are two other Gordon Lightfoot songs represented visually, can you find them?

Link to video:

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